I am not a foodie. In fact, I think that most self-proclaimed wine and food “connoisseurs” are arrogant bastards.  Yet my passion for food and cooking is boundless.  I cook almost every night for my wife and son, and I have done so for years now.  Thus, I have picked up some skills along the way.

I am sure there are thousands, if not millions, of people who can cook their asses off better than me. But, I do know how to write better than the average schmo. So, I started thinking, maybe people want to read about a regular guy and what he cooks every night.  I love what I cook, and so do the people who eat my food.

I’ll give you recipes of my own, variations on others’ recipes, and links too.  I also love to tell brief stories to give some gravitas or frivolity or both to the recipes themselves. I take my own pictures and, while I’m not pro, I keep trying to improve.

I’ll stoke you out and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Just remember to eat, drink, and peace out.

p.s.  Contact me at if needs be.

Here's Jonny!


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