Revived Pizza

18 May

Revived Pizza 2

I said in an earlier post that pizza’s like sex: even if it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. But one of my brothers-in-law disputed me on this, stating that bad sex can be, um, bad. I neglected to get the details of this, but I concurred that he might have a point, philosophically.

Since then, I have pondered, cogitated, and thought (all at once I might add) how to surmount this rub. So I revised my statement to him, stating that pizza is still like sex: some is better than none. I cannot imagine anyone arguing with that.

I got this recipe idea from the Eat Like a Man cookbook I received for an XMas present a year or two back (cool blog:

To be brief, don’t just throw a piece of pizza in the microwave, and I again get philosophical on you: we cut too many corners these days, myself included, while the alternative is well worth the few extra minutes (resorting to masturbation chimes in here somehow, I think). Just like a cooling fall day that’s warmed by mom’s oven baking something, an oven-heated pizza slice warms the heart and only takes  few extra minutes.

Revived Pizza


1 slice o’ left-over pizza

Parmesan, or a cheese that gets your pheromones a-flaring and your thighs a-tinglin’

1 egg, poached (best), basted (excellent), fried (good), scrambled (o.k. but somewhat ghetto), or hard boiled (ghetto)

Ground black pepper

Makin’ It:

Heat the oven to 450°.

Sprinkle the pizza slice with the parmesan. Put it in the oven for a good 8 minutes until the cheese is bubbly but not burnt.  Meanwhile, get the egg ready.

Remove the slice from the oven, place the egg in the center, and then douse it liberally with black pepper.

Eat it with a knife and fork, making sure to get that beautiful yolk on every bite.

Revived Pizza 5

I feel guilty in a sense because this is sort of a cheating post in terms of a “real” recipe; rather, this is an idea, but it’s a fucking brilliant one. In any case, some post is better than no post, right?

Until later, eat, drink, and peace out.

©Jon Marino 2013


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