Green Eggs and Ham

27 Nov

A few weeks back, I wrote a post called “The Shame” wherein I describe an off-the-cuff meal involving a bagel thin, a breakfast sausage patty, a fried egg, and some sriracha sauce.  (  The concept behind this dish, the idea of some sort of bread topped with a meat, and then topped with an egg and sauce, has many manifestations, both obscene and elegant.  The above example, Green Eggs and Ham, is more on the elegant side.

I have always wanted to try Green Eggs and Ham just based of the book of the same name by Dr. Seuss (which I learned is actually pronounced “soyce”, which rhymes with “voice”).  It’s strange that I hadn’t heard of any recipe for this before I read the Eat Like a Man cookbook, but there it was.  It was then that the whole concept of it all smacked me in the head: the Eggs Benedict idea can take on many forms.  While I will focus on Green Eggs and Ham here,  I will list some variations at the end of this post.

Green Eggs and Ham

(serves 2)


4 eggs, poached or fried

2 English muffins, split and toasted

Ham, 4 to 8 slices of any variety (I love capacola on this, but in these pictures, I used leftover Thanksgiving ham, which also is excellent)

1/4 to 1/2 cup pesto (I use the store-bought refrigerated kind, which is perfect)

Makin’ It:

Poach or fry the eggs.  For your information, poaching eggs is totally easy and probably the healthiest way to eat an egg.  To do it, boil water in a large saucepan and add a teaspoon of vinegar to it.  Crack the egg into a measuring cup.  Get the water swirling…like a whirlpool…and then, with the measuring cup as close to the water as possible, drop that baby into the vortex.  Repeat with the other eggs and let them cook for three minutes.  Remove them with a slotted spoon to a bowl until you’re ready to assemble the Green Eggs and Ham.

This is how easy this is.  Place the toasted muffin halves on the plate and top the ham.  Top each muffin half with a poached egg.  Then, put a dollop of pesto on each egg.  When it’s done, you’ll have this:

The first bite you take of this, try to get every element: muffin, yolk, egg, ham, pesto…and you won’t believe this flavor.  There’s nothing more to be said about it because it’s THAT good.

I serve it with fruit, but if you want to go big, throw some hash browns or breakfast potatoes on the side.

Drinks! Have you gotten into prosecco yet?  If not, go pick up the $6.99 bottle at Trader Joe’s and you’ll be hooked.  It’s a crisp Italian sparkling wine.

Mimosas work well here too.

This can work as breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner and everybody’s happy.


Eggs Benedict: English muffins + ham + eggs + Hollandaise sauce (packet mix is good for this)

Steak Benedict:  English muffins + steak + eggs + Hollandaise

Eggs Benito (as in Mussolini): polenta slices + capacola + eggs + marinara sauce

Green Huevos and Jamon: English muffins + ham + eggs + salsa verde or a cilantro-based salsa or green taco sauce (i.e. something green)

Mushroom Benedict: English muffins + mushrooms (see recipe) + eggs + hollandaise or pesto (

Obviously, your imagination is the limit here. Whatever is in the fridge that sounds like it would work, make it work.

Until later, eat, drink, and peace out.


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