Steak and Sherlock Night

25 Oct

Once a week, my wife takes our kid to his great-grandma’s house to have dinner and check in. While I am not anti-social by any means, I keep somewhat of a distance from the in-laws, which I know is a common theme amongst many married couples. I used to go out and get some tacos al pastor and a beer, but then netflix came along and helped me create my solitary tradition, which involves cooking a steak my way, with all of the fixin’s my style, a bottle of red, a few beers, and no shirt, weather permitting, of course.

Actually, this will be the last Steak and Sherlock night for a while. Tonight, I will watch the last episode of the British Sherlock series, which is fucking brilliant, available to me from netflix at present. After tonight, I suspect I will go back to an eclectic mix of documentaries, indie movies, and suggestions from colleagues and friends. In any case, the spirit will remain, even though I will have to start calling it something other than Steak and Sherlock night, which kind of bums me out. In any case, here is the menu.

Note: I am a spice freak, in that I like food that makes me sweat and most other people cry, just to warn anyone.

Steak (I go back and forth between these two):


  • Roasted red potatoes with a ketchup and sriracha blend dipping sauce: quartered red potatoes, tossed with salt, pepper, and olive oil,  single-layered on a baking sheet in a 425° oven for 40 minutes, stirring once (a recipe will be on the blog soon enough).
  • Cubed and roasted butternut squash, spiced with salt, pepper, and chili powder: in the same oven, cubed squash sprayed with cooking spray and dusted with salt, pepper, and paprika on a baking sheet single layered, stirring once. Cook 35 minutes.
  • Ranch Style Beans (the “Real Western Flavor” ones from any supermarket), heated with a dash of powdered habanero peppers (respect this spice…it will make everyone in the house cough if you use too much):


  • I get a $5-$10 bottle of red from Trader Joe’s or the grocery store. I live in the wine country, and I know good wine, but those cheapy wines from the store, especially the Italian and French ones, are totally good. Tonight, it’s The Naked Grape Cabernet Sauvignon from Target (pronounce it “Tar-zhay” and you’ll feel continental, even sexy).

With Game 2 of the World Series on, Sherlock might be a later showing, but it’s win-win either way.

That’s it! Until later, eat, drink, and peace out.



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